Free Selection of Schools

Program Information

  • V
  • Program Type: Voucher Program, Means Preferenced

Program Update

Student participation begins in 2019-2020
  • Students in grades 2-12 who have attended public school for at least two years prior
  • Priority given to applicants who meet the following criteria:
    • Low income according to federal regulations
    • Students with severe disabilities
    • Adopted children
    • Students in shelters or in substitute homes
    • Victims of bullying or sexual harassment
    • Gifted students
    • Any other criteria that considers average of the student academic performance, giving priority to the students who are struggling academically
  • The State Department of Education will create the Office of the Program of Free Selection of Schools, which will:
    • Create the pertinent qualifications and the requirements that must be met by private schools and universities that participate in the program
    • Promulgate the necessary regulations to establish an objective and equitable procedure for making the corresponding awards
    • Implement and administer the Program
    • Determine the amount of vouchers to be issued
    • Evaluate the Program at least once a year and submit recommendations regarding its development


Scholarship Cap
- Scholarships may not be greater than 80% of the total funding that the student would have received to attend a public school
Enrollment Cap
- 3% of the total number of students enrolled in public school
Program Funding
- No specific program appropriation. The State Education Department will review program needs and include program funding in its budget.