Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

Program Information

  • STC
  • Program Type: Scholarship Tax Credit Program, Means Tested, Corporate

Student Participation

  • Family income cannot exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines ($50,200 for a family of four in 2018) for a full scholarship
  • Family income cannot exceed 260% of the federal poverty guidelines ($65,260 for a family of four in 2018) for a partial scholarship
  • Students with family income at or below 185% of the federal poverty guidelines ($46,435 for family of four in 2018), renewing students and students in foster care or out-of-home care get priority
  • Be approved by the state
  • Submit to the state annual sworn compliance reports regarding all local and state health, fire and safety codes
  • Comply with the federal nondiscrimination requirements of 42 U.S.C. §2000d
  • Teachers and other school personnel working with scholarship recipients must undergo federal background checks; school owners and operators must undergo a federal background check every five years
  • Teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, three years of teaching experience or special expertise; schools must notify parents in writing, or on the school’s website, the credentials of all teachers
  • Schools must send quarterly reports to parents on student’s progress
  • Schools in operation less than three years must obtain a surety bond or letter of credit to cover the value of the scholarship payments for one quarter
  • Any school receiving more than $250,000 in scholarships must provide financial reporting to the state
  • Schools with consecutive years of material exceptions within the financial reports may be deemed ineligible to participate by the state commissioner of education
  • Scholarship students in grades 3-10 must take a nationally recognized norm-referenced test or the state public school assessment. All schools with at least 30 students in grades 3-10 taking the test in consecutive years will have the learning gains scores published by state
  • Beginning in 2019-20, new schools must receive a satisfactory site visit from the Florida Department of Education before the school is eligible to receive scholarship funding
  • Must be annually approved by the State Board of Education
  • Allowed to keep 3% of funds raised to cover operating expenses if the SFO has operated with clean audits for more than three years
  • May carry forward up to 25% of funds for the next year’s scholarships
  • Make scholarships available for more than one school
  • Submit to the state:
    • Financial and compliance audit performed by certified public accountant
    • Operational audit conducted by the state auditor general
    • Quarterly reports on the number of scholarship recipients and participating schools

Data Update

Scholarships Awarded
Schools Participating
SFOs Operating
2017 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- Grades K-5: 88% of average per-pupil funding (approx. $6,420)
- Grades 6-8: 92% of average per-pupil funding (approx. $$6,815)
- Grades 9-12: 96% of average per-pupil funding (approx. $7,111)
- $750 scholarship covering transportation to another public school
Tax Credit Value
- 100 percent of donation
Donor Tax Credit Cap
- 100 percent of state tax liability
Statewide Cap
- $873.5 million (2017-18) - Beginning in 2019-20, new schools must receive a satisfactory site - $873.5 million (2018-19)
- Cap is allowed to increase by 25 percent in any year after 90 percent of the cap is reached