Educational Choice Scholarship Program

Program Information

  • V
  • Program Type: Voucher Program, Failing Schools

Student Participation

  • Current public school students assigned to a school that ranked in the bottom 10% of schools on the basis of its Performance Index score or are assigned to a school that, in two years out of a three-year period, have been in Academic Watch or Academic Emergency or are assigned to a school with a “D” or “F” in the Performance Index or the value-added progress dimension
  • Students entering kindergarten in one of these schools or new to the state and assigned to any grade at one of these schools also qualify
  • Students enrolled or who will be enrolling in a school that received a “D” or “F” for the four-year graduation rate in two of the last three years
  • Priority given to returning students and students with families at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines ($50,200 for family of four in 2018)
  • Be registered to participate and chartered by the state
  • Meet state standards for chartered nonpublic schools
  • Comply with state laws regarding nondiscrimination and health and safety codes
  • Conduct background checks on teachers and staff working with children
  • Administer state tests; test results are published on the Ohio Department of Education website
  • Principal must be licensed by the State of Ohio, Office of Education Licensure

Data Update

Schools Participating
2016 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- Whichever is less:
-- Tuition
-- $4,650 (grades K–8)
-- $6,000 (grades 9–12)
-- Providers may waive the difference between the scholarship amount and tuition for students with verified incomes under 200% of federal poverty guidelines ($49,200 for family of four in 2017-2018)
Enrollment Cap
- 60,000
Program Funding
- No specific program appropriation