AZ Cardinals Patrick Peterson is a Fan of School Choice

Rise Up Red Sea, training camp is here! Red Bird pride is at an all-time high, and Arizona sporting goods stores are blanketed in a sea of Cardinals RED!
As a Cardinals super fan, I am on the hunt for a new jersey, but this year, not just any jersey will do.
This year, I will don Number 21 with pride because Patrick Peterson is not only our Pro Bowl cornerback and arguably the best defensive player in football, he is also a Champion of Choice.
In a brand-new PSA, Peterson sends out a great message to all parents who want the best for their kids. He says, “I love my job,” (as a Cardinal) but tells us that his most important job “is being a dad.”  And he adds that, like every parent, he wants to give his child “the best possible future.”
Through this video, Peterson applauds all great schools—whether public, charter or private—but he especially reaches out to parents who thought that private school was out of reach for them. “Guess again,” he says, as he explains Arizona’s ground-breaking ESA school choice program.
Yes, this fan is hoping for a winning season, but Patrick Peterson concludes his message with what is really important: school choice through ESAs gives children “the tools to win.”
Is the job of President of the Patrick Peterson Fan Club open?  I would like to apply.

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