OPINION: PA Resident Says Choice Would Help Kids in Failing Schools

From The Patriot-News:

Since unions have seized control of Pennsylvania public education, student scores in some schools have plummeted, some resembling shoe sizes. Their control has resulted in many students being more indoctrinated than educated.

The stranglehold permeates all levels, even down to local school boards. Some boards, when composed of a majority of former teachers or administrators, leave one to question their objectivity regarding fiscal restraint.

Finally, there is hope for students trapped in failing schools. Gov. Tom Corbett is introducing school-choice legislation affording an opportunity to parents to exercise their fundamental right to choose an education, public or private, deemed best for their kids. Instead of No Child Left Behind, “no child’s behind should be left in a failing school” should be the new standard. Why is it that those so vehemently opposed to school vouchers have no problem with their hard-earned tax money funding a failing school?

Make no mistake, voucher legislation will be a battle royal. Those in control will use their bottomless financial largesse to persuade representatives to protect their domination over education by voting against the better interests of parents and kids. People should urge representatives to return education choice to those who have the most to lose by continuing the status quo. Lawmakers should support school choice.

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