OPINION: A Mother's Plea for School Choice

I received a call this week from a concerned mother in our local school district. I listened as she described the troubles that her 10-year-old son has been having in school. He’s falling behind, he’s been bullied, and he’s so discouraged and overwhelmed that he wants to quit school altogether. I wish I could say that this is the first of these types of calls that I’ve received, but unfortunately it’s not. In the last two years alone, I’ve received over a dozen calls similar to this.

Without fail, every parent who calls me has one question: What are the educational choices available for my child? Much like our family, most of these parents simply cannot afford the private schools available in our area, nor can they afford a tutor. The school their child must attend has been chosen by the district simply because of where they live, not by the needs or abilities of the child.

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