OPINION: Democrat Has Supported Vouchers For Two Decades

From The Indianapolis Star:

Two decades ago, Louis Mahern, at the time a candidate for mayor of Indianapolis, had a vision for Indiana’s educational system. He wanted to provide families with more options, including school vouchers.

He may soon see that dream fulfilled.

A 60-40 Republican majority in the Indiana House, along with the GOP’s commanding control of the Senate, has opened the door to education reform in the General Assembly. Those reforms include a proposal to let low- and middle-income families send their children to private schools with some of the money that would have paid for their public education.

Wealthy families always have had the option of sending their children to private schools or moving to high-performing school districts. As a state legislator and a Democratic candidate for mayor, Mahern thought everyone should have that choice. Now Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels favors the idea, along with Senate President Pro Tempore David Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma.

Ironically, Mahern describes himself as a liberal. Several members of his family also are prominent leaders in state and local Democratic circles. But Mahern doesn’t follow anybody’s party line.

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