OPINION: Charter Schools Chief Praises Transparency in Ohio

From Peter C. Groff in The Huffington Post:

Last week a judge in Ohio took the important step of ruling against a charter management company that has long been under scrutiny. This is a positive step for Ohio and for the charter movement.

Charter schools, as well as the management companies that support them, should have transparent operations because as public school operators, we bear the responsibility of the public trust. Nearly two million children have placed their educational future in the hands of charter schools. All of us in the movement should live up to that trust.

The charter school model hinges on autonomy in exchange for accountability. This means that teachers, school leaders and business managers commit to delivering better academic results for the children we serve. In exchange for that commitment, educators are granted the freedom to innovate and operate outside some of the constraints that other public schools face.

However, this freedom means nothing if the children and families we serve don’t trust charter school teachers and leaders to be the best educators — able to lead students to new levels of academic achievement. It isn’t enough for charter school professionals to have the best intentions. Charter professionals should be held to the highest standards possible, delivering academic and operational success, because nothing could be more important than the stakes we face: offering children the brightest possible future.

Peter Groff is President and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Read more here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peter-groff/ohio-takes-a-step-in-the-_b_924439.html