NH School Board Supports School Choice

By Kimberly Sawatka
Cryoden School Board in New Hampshire is preparing to go to court in favor of school choice, so the chairman of the school board, Jody Underwood, began a GoFundMe account earlier this month. The crowdfunding page has raised over $20,000 in a matter of weeks, showing a strong support for school choice options.
Currently the school board is paying for five students to attend a private school; however, the state’s attorney general is fighting the school board in regards to public dollars paying the students’ tuition. The school board was told in September to suspend paying the students tuition, but has not complied.
The small town of Croyden voted to enact school choice options for parents beginning last year. After completing fourth grade at Croydon Village School, parents are able to choose a public or private education environment for their children.
The school board is hopeful that the battle will not resort to time in a courtroom, but the likely hood of court battle is high. If the GoFundMe funds are not needed for the courtroom, the money will be donated to an educational choice organization.


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