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New Poll: 78% of parents want influence over what’s taught in K-12

Support for school choice and parental control in education in America continues to soar.
According to an October poll from Echelon Insights, polling 1,098 registered voters, the vast majority (72%) support the idea that K-12 parents should have the most or some influence over what schools teach, including 78% of parents. Only 21% say K-12 parents should have no influence.

Statement from Tommy Schultz, CEO of the American Federation for Children:
“Parents in places like Virginia are furious when politicians, many of whom send their own children to private schools, say other parents should have zero influence over what’s being taught in their children’s schools. Public support for school choice is already at an all-time high. This poll further illustrates the momentum in favor of families having control over their child’s K-12 education.”

Full details:

Question: Parental Control
How much influence do you think parents of K-12 students should have over what schools teach?

  • Parents should have the most influence over what schools teach: 28%
  • Parents should have some influence over what schools teach: 44%
  • Parents should not really influence what schools teach: 21%
  • Unsure: 7%

Most or Some:
Parents: 78%
GOP: 85%
DEM: 62%:
IND: 70%

Not really:
Parents: 20%
GOP: 9%
DEM: 31%:
IND: 20%

Full polling results here:


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