Nevada Opportunity Scholarship Funding Secured

More than 2,300 students in Nevada are no longer at risk of losing their scholarship. Yesterday, the Nevada legislature voted to continue funding the popular Opportunity Scholarship program, despite persistent threats by opponents to school choice to end the program, which serves families who would otherwise have no other educational options. Families fought tirelessly and this is their win.
Statement from Valeria Gurr, Director of Nevada School Choice Coalition:
“Hundreds of families rely on the Opportunity Scholarship program to access a school that works best for their children. We thank Nevada policymakers for providing additional tax-credits to ensure not one student loses their scholarship and is sent to a school that does not meet their learning needs. We were hopeful that the program could serve even more students desperately in need of a better educational environment. But we’re not going to give up, and we will find a way to give access to all the families that are on the waiting list. We will continue to work with Nevada leaders and educate them on the needs of their constituents who are seeking the Opportunity Scholarship.”


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