High School Rocketry Team Example of the Possibilities When Families Have Choice

On Friday, a group of high school students entered a place very few get the opportunity to see in person: The Oval Office. Greeted warmly by President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, although the students from North Carolina’s Victory Christian Center School were noticeably excited to be at the White House and in the presence of the President of the United States, that day they were the most important people in the room.
The students are currently in a whirlwind of recognition for their creation of the “Trump” rocket, which qualified for the Team America Rocketry Challenge – “the world’s largest student rocket contest.” According to an ABC News article, the students named the rocket after the president “simply because it conquers all.”

This isn’t the first time that Victory or its students have made headlines for such accomplishments.
Through the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP), low-income families across the state are provided the financial resources to move their child from a low-performing public school to a private school of their choice. As an OSP participating school, Victory currently enrolls 82 students who receive the scholarship. The rocket building team is only one example of the opportunities this school affords its students, children who would otherwise not have such experiences much less an opportunity to visit The Oval.
Last year, the Charlotte Observer documented the story of Janet Nunn. She had become increasingly unhappy with the reading level of her granddaughter Nariah who was attending a Charlotte magnet school. After learning about and applying for a scholarship, Janet was awarded the financial resources to move her granddaughter to Victory. Now, in classes with only 11 students, a teacher, and an assistant, Nariah is thriving like never before.
For more information about the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program, visit http://www.schoolchoicenc.org/info/. Also, be sure to watch the short clip below as the Victory students visit President Trump.

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