National Momentum in Favor of School Choice

Pro-school choice candidates prevail nationwide as potential map expands
The American Federation for Children celebrates the success of pro-school choice candidates across the country.  In results available at time of publication, 80 out of 82 AFC-supported candidates won their respective races across the country, with one race still too close to call, and there were numerous victories in non-targeted races.
“Tonight’s results send a clear and concise message to elected officials: voters support educational choice,” said Betsy DeVos, chairman of the American Federation for Children. “Voters turned out to the polls in support of school choice and candidates who support educational options for children in all parts of the country. Time and time again we have seen strong support for school choice candidates, but the 2016 election has shown this support is stronger than ever before. As we look toward 2017, AFC will continue to advocate on behalf of parents who demand access to educational choice.”
Notable highlights from election night for school choice candidates:

  • 265 – The number of races AFC invested in state-level primary, run-off, general elections
  • 119 – Total number of races in the general elections
  • Arizona – Results are still TBD
  • Arkansas – AFC spent $50,000 and won three out of four races, ensuring school choice played a major issue. More details here.
  • Florida – Pro-school choice candidates won 20 out of 21 races in the state where the teachers union spent millions in defense of the status quo. More details here.
  • Georgia – Pro-school choice candidates won 10 out of 12 of their races with only one candidate facing a loss and another too close to call.
  • Indiana – School choice champion Eric Holcomb won the gubernatorial race in the state. Voters also voiced their support for school choice in the state superintendent race, ousting outspoken anti-school choice candidate Glenda Ritz and electing Dr. Jennifer McCormick as State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • Iowa – The Iowa State Senate flipped control to a pro-school choice majority.
  • Kentucky – The Kentucky House of Representatives now has a Republican majority, which helps in efforts to further school choice in the state.
  • Louisiana – The Louisiana Federation for Children supported candidates in the New Orleans school board races with three pro-school choice candidates winning their races.
  • Missouri – Pro-school choice candidate Eric Greitens (R) was elected governor of Missouri.
  • Nevada – Results are still TBD.
  • Oklahoma – School choice support remains strong in the state, with AFC spending $210,000 to support pro-school choice candidates. More details here.
  • Tennessee – Rep. Kevin Dunlap, backed by the teachers’ union and staunchly anti-school choice, was defeated, and 9 pro-school choice candidates were added to the state house and senate. More details here.
  • Wisconsin – Wisconsin voters returned a bipartisan majority for educational choice to Madison, as 34 out of 35 AFC-supported candidates prevailed, with one race too close to call. Sen. Ron Johnson, a great supporter of school choice and the Washington, D.C., Opportunity Scholarship Program, was re-elected to the U.S. Senate.


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