Missouri Passes Course Access Legislation

Last night, Missouri lawmakers passed HB 1606. The bill will provide students in Missouri with greater access to a variety of course options, otherwise not available to them in their traditional school setting. The legislation was carried by Senator Bob Onder (SB 603) and Representative Bryan Spencer, and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.
Statement from John Schilling, President of American Federation for Children:

“No two children are alike. Every child today deserves the opportunity to pursue an education customized to his or her unique needs, as made possible by 21st century technology. Course access policies are particularly meaningful in small and rural districts, where course and school choices are often limited, as well as to families who choose to home school their children.” 

Details on HB 1606:

  • Offers instruction in a state approved virtual setting to any K-12 student in Missouri.
  • State funding follows the student to cover the cost of such coursework.
  • Includes controls to ensure courses are of a high quality.