Minnesota Legislature Passes Tax Credit Scholarship Program

The Minnesota Legislature today agreed to a $33 million tax credit scholarship program for eligible students to attend non-public schools. Scholarship amounts would be up to 70 percent of the statewide average per-pupil cost at public schools—approximately $7,500. Businesses and individuals would receive a 70 percent tax credit for making charitable contributions to qualified scholarship granting organizations. Businesses could contribute up to $150,000 and individuals could contribute $10,500. The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, released the following statement:
Statement from Tommy Schultz, National Communications Director for the American Federation for Children
“Today is a great day for Minnesota families as they are one step closer to having the option to send their child to the private or public school of their choice. Lawmakers in Minnesota recognize that with 68 percent of Americans supporting school choice, even more so among minority families, it’s time to give parents more options when it comes to their child’s education. If signed by the governor, Minnesota would become the 26th state to have private educational choice in the country. On behalf of parents across the state, we would like to thank and praise the leadership of House Speaker Daudt, Senate Majority Leader Gazelka, Senator Roger Chamberlain and Representative Ron Kresha for their legislative vision and hard work. And we also would like to thank Opportunity for All Kids (OAK) for spearheading the effort to give Minnesota families the chance to access the school that fits their son or daughter’s individual needs.”

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