Media tries to prove that Indiana vouchers promoted segregation…found the opposite.

The Huffington Post and Fort Wayne Journal Gazette in Indiana have been doing everything possible to find faults within the Indiana voucher program.
If you looked at the headline yesterday, you would have thought that they found a big one: “Program stokes fears of segregation”
Sounds bad!
Then you read 10 paragraphs later into the article, and find out that “Overall, private schools in Fort Wayne went from 84 percent white in 2011 to 74 percent white in 2017. Public schools went from 58 percent white to 55 percent white. These numbers suggest that widespread white flight did not occur over the same time vouchers went into effect.
Also, what shameful and shoddy journalism to print a headline like “Program stokes fears of segregation” when the whole article shows that segregation did not occur.
So of course, since that didn’t fit their narrative, they went to the public education establishment cheerleaders for comment. “But critics in Fort Wayne say there are more subtle forms of segregation. The voucher system, according to teachers and advocates involved with FWCS, has created a two-tiered system consisting of the haves and have nots.”
Not only is that a totally ridiculous argument, it also glosses over the fact that the entire public education system is predicated on the philosophy of “haves and have nots” where the “haves” can buy into the right housing market with a good five digit Zip code or where the “haves” can pay for private school tuition.
+1 for school choice.


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