Meet Jalen

Home State LA
Grade 7th

Jalen is a perfect example of how needs can change for a student during his or her scholastic career. Jalen attended public school starting in kindergarten. She liked the school she attended and was successfully able to work through a problem preventing her from properly focusing on her schoolwork. Unfortunately, Jalen had to switch schools after fourth grade. Her family moved, so she then had to attend a new public school in her district.

“From the first day at the new public school, everything went downhill [and] I started failing,” said Jalen. “Luckily my mom found out about Good Shepherd School and the Louisiana Scholarship Program to help her pay my tuition there.”

Jalen’s mother enrolled her in Good Shepherd School along with her brother and sister three years ago. At Good Shepherd, she started thriving in her learning environment and most importantly, she started succeeding.

“Since coming to Good Shepherd, I have been encouraged to believe in myself and believe in my ability to do the work required of me so my grades have improved,” says Jalen. “I have grown as a person and I love Good Shepherd with all my heart. Thank you for making it possible for me to get a great education and believe in myself.”