Majority of Louisiana public school parents support school vouchers in LSU survey

By Paul Dauphin
Louisiana State University’s Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs released the 2016 Louisiana Survey, which looked at public policy issues facing the state. Their results revealed Louisiana residents favored the school choice options of vouchers and charter schools.
The LSU survey found that 58 percent of public school parents support for providing vouchers to help pay for students in underperforming public schools attend private schools. When non-public school parents were included in the survey sample, 48 percent supported vouchers.
“These results demonstrate support for vouchers among parents whose children are directly impacted by the quality of Louisiana’s public schools. Public school parents understand that the Louisiana Scholarship Program gives them the option to walk away from an underperforming public school,” said Ann Duplessis, president of the Louisiana Federation for Children.
Survey Highlights

  • 58% of public school parents support vouchers (40% oppose)
  • 48% of all parents support vouchers (46% oppose)
  • 72% of public school parents support charters (27% oppose)
  • 68% of all parents support charters (29% oppose)


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