Louisiana mother’s persistence gives daughter a second chance to succeed

By Paul Dauphin
Jalen and momToday, Jalen Robinson is the picture of a happy and successful student. She recently graduated from Good Shepherd School in New Orleans as one of the top students in her class.
But just four years earlier, a far different story was unfolding for Jalen. She had just enrolled in a new public school after her family moved into a new district. From the first day at her new school, everything went downhill. “I started failing,” Jalen remembers. The low point came when the school recommended she enroll in special education.
Jalen’s mother, Krystal Warner, knew there wasn’t anything wrong with her daughter. It was the school.
“No, she’s not going into special ed, absolutely not,” Warner decided. “It was time for us to go.”
A co-worker told Warner about the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Jalen, along with her brother and sister, received scholarships to attend Good Shepherd School.
“Since coming to Good Shepherd, I have been encouraged to believe in myself and in my ability to do the work required of me, so my grades have improved,” says Jalen. “Thank you for making it possible for me to get a great education and believe in myself.”


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