Kevin P. Chavous leads panel at conference for African American Newspapers

By Krista Carney
IMG_2361This morning AFC executive counsel Kevin P. Chavous led a panel on the importance of education reform and choice at the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s Annual Conference in Detroit.
The National Newspaper Publishers Association consists of African American newspapers from across the United States. NNPA papers have served an important purpose in the black community and are distributed to over 200 million subscribers nationwide.
The panel featured moderator, Kevin P. Chavous, former Rep. Shanelle Jackson (D) – Michigan and Jackie Hampton, the publisher of the Mississippi Link.IMG_2367
The panel discussed the importance of educational choice and parental empowerment for K-12 students across the country. They also discussed how NNPA papers can help spread the school choice message to inform readers and bring about positive change in their communities. There also was a focus on how school choice programs and quality schools can better prepare our children to accomplish their academic goals and succeed throughout their lives.


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