AFC Board Member Sen. Joe Lieberman Discusses School Choice on Fox Business

Yesterday Senator Joe Lieberman, American Federation for Children Board Member, discussed his recent Fox News column, “School choice is a winning policy, so why don’t Democrats support it?” on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox Business.

Fast forward to minute 7:28 on this video

The column ponders why Democratic presidential candidates are unsupportive of K-12 educational options for students, citing our new national poll from Mason-Dixon:

What if I told you that a policy proposal has a 73 percent approval rating? That includes 76 percent of Hispanics, 73 percent of whites, and 69 percent of African Americans. And 56 percent of those polled said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supported this policy. If you were a Democratic candidate for president, you would naturally think that supporting such a policy would be a smart thing to do.

What is this popular public policy?

Is it “Medicare-for-all”? Is it the “Green New Deal”?

No. It’s school choice.

Not only do core constituencies in the Democratic party, including African Americans and Hispanic Americans, overwhelmingly support choice, but 75 percent of Independents, who will likely determine the outcome of the elections in 2020, also support school choice.

So why do the two dozen Democrats vying to replace President Trump oppose this policy? Sadly, my suspicion is that it has something to do with securing the backing of teachers’ unions, which are fervently against giving parents the choice of taking their children out of public schools that they believe are not educating their kids.