Jan. 13 – Friday Study Hall

By Kimberly Sawatka
The week began with Betsy DeVos’ confirmation hearing being moved to Jan. 17th, disrupting the age-old process for approving cabinet members.
The Louisiana Scholarship enrollment process is now open through Feb 24th. To date, more than 6,500 students participate in the state’s choice programs in 123 schools in 31 parishes. Louisiana schools participating in the scholarship program are held to one of the most rigorous nonpublic school choice accountability systems in the nation.
For the third consecutive year, AFC poll results show majority support for school choice options like education saving accounts, opportunity scholarships and special needs scholarships. This year’s poll also showed strong support for choice options and incentives at the federal level.
Betsy DeVos is an advocate for parents and children. Betsy DeVos continues to be in the headlines after her hearing was pushed back a week. However, many of the headlines are in full support of Betsy and her innovative approach to education reform.  The Seattle Times published an op-ed by Kevin Chavous, who refuted columnist Dan Thomasson’s claim that Betsy would lead to the death of public education and described how she is in favor of parents and children in education.
Supporters Speak Out. The CEO of West Michigan Aviation Academy spoke out in favor of Betsy DeVos and her ability to support all types of learning environments. She has been a longtime supporter of all education options and schools like West Michigan Aviation Academy, that are giving students access to a world-class education.
Polls Favor Choice. Georgians gave a resounding yes to school choice in a recent poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which was released the same week as the AFC poll. 2017 expected to be a strong year for school choice, as more states adopt choice programs, while other states could possibly expand programs currently in place.
NAACP Charter School Hearings.  After announcing a moratorium on charter schools, the NAACP is now holding hearings on charter schools in Memphis to determine their impact on education.What they fail to realize is the impact that school choice and charter schools have in minority communities and what they’re doing to set every child up for success.


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