The Indianapolis Urban League Celebrates Educational Excellence

The Indianapolis Urban League (IUL) recently hosted its third annual School Excellence Awards Luncheon where they honored nine Marion County schools for achieving educational excellence while serving diverse groups of students.  The nine schools recognized included traditional public, IPS innovation network, charter and private schools.
The event featured journalist and television host Roland Martin and drew well over 100 attendees. Mr. Martin gave a rousing speech about both his and his family’s educational experiences including his thoughts on why families need access to diverse educational choices. Giving an urgent call to action, he invited the audience to get involved in ensuring that children in Indianapolis have access to all educational options. As a fellow member of the audience, I was very inspired by the event and Mr. Martin’s speech.  The opportunity to highlight great schools that are serving their students well and hear the perspective of a leading journalist on educational options made for a successful event.
AFC is glad to have a partner in the Indianapolis Urban League. It’s great to come together with a local organization who is doing such important work to improve lives in the Indianapolis community and to celebrate and promote quality educational options. Indianapolis is both unique and lucky to have a rich and diverse landscape of schools across sectors. While more can be done to improve access to those schools and to increase the number and types of options available, we have a lot to celebrate in our city. We are proud to work with groups like the IUL and the Institute for Quality Education to ensure that both community leaders and Indianapolis families are familiar with all available options and know how to navigate the unique Indianapolis landscape. A special thanks goes out to IUL President and CEO Tony Mason and Director of Housing and Education Mark Russell, and the whole Urban League team for making the event possible.


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