Indiana Choice Scholarship Opens Doors to Learning and Compassion

Gary, Indiana’s Ambassador Christian Academy has both an angel and a fierce advocate when it comes to their principal, Dr. Vercena Harris.
In addition to being invested in the success of her students in the classroom, Dr. Harris makes a concerted effort to ensure that their personal needs are addressed as well.
“My job goes much further than being an educator.”
Noticing that her students were arriving to school hungry, Dr. Harris introduced a food program to provide students with breakfast and lunch every day of the week at no cost to their parents.
She is also empathetic to the experiences that her students may have at home: “Even the crackhead addict wants a life better for their child.”
Ambassador Christian Academy is a private school that is able to open its doors to low-income students, who are mostly students of color, because of the Indiana Choice Scholarship. This voucher program allows eligible students to use allotted funds to pay for their education at a private school.
Be sure to watch the full story of Dr. Harris and the impact she has on the students at Ambassador Christian Academy.

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