ICYMI: Highlights from Secretary DeVos’ Speech on School Choice

This past Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made an appearance at Washington, D.C.’s Brookings Institution to discuss the recent release of Center on Children and Families’ 2016 Education Choice and Competition Index, and to, of course, tout the work that she is most passionate about: “increasing education options for parents and students,” aka school choice.
Speaking with Brookings senior fellow Grover Whitehurst, Secretary DeVos made a powerful stand for school choice and its expansion into states throughout the country.
The full video of her appearance is at the following link: http://brook.gs/2ok9x9N. You can also read her prepared remarks: bit.ly/2nHkKzH.
For highlights from her speech, keep reading!
Secretary DeVos kicked off her remarks with this straight-to-the-point statement on funding education. Like Betsy, we believe that allowing funds to follow the student empowers parents to make the best decision on where and how their child is educated.

Discussing Michael B, a veteran of Afghanistan and a current student at Orlando, Florida’s Valencia College, who faced the horrible and “dangerous” public school system of East Hartford Connecticut, Secretary DeVos drove home the need to change focus.

School choice puts the focus back on the needs of the individual child by empowering parents to select a school that works best for each child. We believe it, Secretary DeVos believes it too.
Advocates, like Secretary DeVos, understand that school choice is an immediate solution to getting students into high-quality schools. She made this clear during her speech.


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