Gloria Johnson Defeated as NEA’s Grip on Tennessee Slipping

Nashville, Tenn. (Nov. 4, 2014) – The Tennessee Federation for Children PAC (TFC PAC) congratulates Eddie Smith on defeating Gloria Johnson in House District 13. TFC PAC also commends Troy Brewer (HD 50), Robert Dunham (HD 43) and Michael Curcio (HD 69) for running strong campaigns against well-financed, union-backed opponents. Each of these candidates pledged to put our state’s children before the special interests of the education bureaucracy, and each ran hard-fought races decided by narrow margins.

“Tennesseans are ready for legislators who support choice in education,” said Tony Niknejad, director for the Tennessee Federation for Children PAC. “Overcoming an incumbent advantage is rare, but Eddie Smith did it and Michael Curcio fell just 16 votes short. Lawmakers should take notice that putting the interests of unions over parents is not just short-sighted, it’s also an electoral risk.”

With the Tennessee Education Association PAC  (TEA) pouring nearly $200,000 into the 2014 elections, advocates for educational choice worked hard to promote educational choice candidates in 2014. TFC PAC supported six candidates in the primary elections against union-backed candidates and five prevailed. Tonight, one more candidate can be added to the list, with Eddie Smith defeating Gloria Johnson in a race that received statewide attention. Other union-backed candidates David Shepard (HD 69), Kevin Dunlap (HD 43), and Bo Mitchell (HD 50) each held on with extremely narrow margins of 16, 55, and 430 votes respectively.

Additional details about the election results can be found in the following memo:


Tennessee Federation For Children Political Action Committee (TFC PAC) – TFC PAC has been formed to educate voters about the importance of educational choice and advocate for the election of candidates who will stand up to empower families and parents through a high-quality, statewide educational choice bill.