In Georgia, Ice Cream Sets the Stage for School Choice Ahead of Primaries

With next year’s primaries including Gubernatorial candidates, it is crucial that grassroots work in Georgia yields highly informed school choice advocates. In previous Gubernatorial elections, school choice has not been a pressing issue. However, with an administration at the federal level that is very much pro-school choice, the landscape has changed across the country. In Georgia, Gubernatorial candidates are openly supporting the issue. For example, Senators Hunter Hill and Michael Williams, both Republicans, openly embrace and push school choice as one of the main tenets of their platform.
In Georgia especially, the 2018 election cycle is crucial. Voters have the opportunity to send a strong message to candidates in both parties that parents are demanding more educational choice. The old voting paradigm of Democrats getting large chunks of their customary base simply because that has been the pattern for the better part of four decades can see slippage if they, Democrats, don’t do more to acknowledge and act on the growing sentiments of parents that educational choice plays a larger role in who they will support for the top political seat in the state.
In a state that awarded over 15,000 tax-credit and special needs scholarships to families during the 2015-2016 school year alone, it would seem unnecessary to put such human capital into supporting school choice. But here are the facts: Georgia’s scholarship tax-credit program is capped at $58 million. For the past several years, this cap has been met on the same day as the program opens to families. This not only speaks to the popularity and demand of the program, but, more importantly, it is a clear indication that expansion of the program is needed.
As a member of AFC’s Grassroots Team, I am taking on the responsibility of organizing an informed and engaged group of Georgia parents and community members who are prepared to advocate across the state and in the capitol for the expansion of school choice. This summer, I will make this happen one scoop of ice cream at a time.
If you’re in Georgia, I invite you to join me for my summer-long Summer Scoops events, which will be held at camps across the Atlanta metro area. In addition to enjoying a free cup of ice cream, you will have the opportunity to learn more about school choice in the state and will receive information regarding your legislator and how they rate when it comes to school choice. The best part is that you’ll have a chance to join our efforts in ensuring that every child in Georgia has the opportunity to receive a quality education.
Upcoming Summer Scoops Events
Friday, June 30th at Tony Matthews Boys & Girls Club
Friday, July 7th at House of Hope Summer Camp
Thursday, July 13th at House of Hope
Friday, July 14th at Marietta Boys & Girls Club

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