Georgia Celebrates National School Choice Week with Ludacris

By Kimberly Sawatka
Rain or shine, parents and students in Georgia are uniting on Wednesday for a National School Choice Week celebration. More than 2,000 participants are planning to gather at Liberty Plaza, across from the state capitol building, at noon to celebrate educational options and to put a spotlight on educational choice expansion within the state.
A very special guest, Ludacris, will be on hand to address the crowd voicing his own support of educational options. Ludacris has been a longtime supporter of quality education, working with his daughter Karma in 2011 to launch, an interactive website that reinforces lessons on everything from geography to mathematics – making learning fun. He will serve as the celebrations keynote speaker, discussing his own educational journey and the importance of education options for all parents.
Participants at the celebration will hear from state legislators and be guided through the National School Choice Week dance by a group of students. Governor Nathan Deal also proclaimed January 24-30th as National School Choice Week in the state of Georgia, so the official proclamation will be presented at the celebration.
Georgia’s rally is only one of over 16,000 independent celebrations taking place around the country this week, as parents, teachers, students, community leaders and lawmakers come together to support empowering parents with education options to best fit each child’s individual needs.


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