Among Foes, Howard Fuller and Patrick Wolf Discuss Their Friendship with School Vouchers

On Monday, education experts gathered at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education to discuss probably one of the hottest topics out right now: school choice, more specifically private school choice.
The event was part of Harvard’s AskWith Forum lecture series, which invites leaders in diverse fields and studies to share their knowledge. To “debate on how educators should grapple with the school voucher,” a few education heavy hitters were called on to give their perspective:

  • Cynthia G. Brown, senior fellow, Center for American Progress
  • Howard Fuller, distinguished professor of education and director, Institute for the Transformation of Learning, Marquette University
  • Helen F. “Sunny” Ladd, Susan B. King Professor of Public Policy Studies and professor of economics, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
  • Patrick Wolf, professor and 21st Century Chair in School Choice, University of Arkansas

With advocates Fuller and Wolf, both the audience and online viewers had the opportunity to get a good understanding of not only the benefits vouchers had on individual students but also the larger impact private school choice programs had on the public.
Be sure to watch video of the event:

Below are a few highlights from Dr. Fuller and Dr. Wolf on the importance of school vouchers.

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