Florida voters support educational choice candidates

The American Federation for Children congratulates the many educational choice champions on their successes during Tuesday’s primary election. Republican and Democratic candidates supporting parental choice in education were successful across the state, showing the demand by Florida’s families to elect leaders who support providing every family options for their children’s education—whether it’s public, private, charter or virtual education. Once again, parent advocates made the difference in several races, where they were involved in making thousands of calls to voters to encourage support for candidates who support educational options.
Statement from John Kirtley, board member of the American Federation for Children and co-chairman of the Florida Federation for Children: 
“Florida voters have shown their commitment to giving every child the opportunity to receive a quality education. Tonight’s results show that voters will support candidates who support parental choice in education—whether it’s a district, magnet, charter, virtual or even a private school.”
The Florida Federation for Children congratulates the following educational choice champions on their successes:

  • SD 25 – Gayle Harrell (R)
  • HD 14 – Kim Daniels (D)
  • HD 62 – Susan Valdes (D)
  • HD 79 – Spencer Roach (R)
  • HD 92 – Patricia Hawkins-Williams (D)
  • HD 109 – James Bush III (D)

The Florida Federation for Children Electioneering Communications Organization invested approximately $360,000 in electioneering communications in races for State Senate and the State House of Representatives through communications with voters about key issues in their districts. The mission of the Florida Federation for Children is to speak on behalf of lower-income and working-class Florida families who want the power to make choices in where they send their children to school so that their children are in the educational environment that works best for them.
Additionally, parents with children on Florida scholarships were actively involved in this year’s primary, working with the FL Education Empowerment PAC to make calls to voice their support for Democrat candidates who support Florida’s scholarship programs. These parents connected with voters to explain the positive impact Florida’s scholarships have had on their children, and voters responded by backing candidates who support these programs. These calls were especially effective in Democratic primaries involving Kim Daniels, James Bush III, Susan Valdes and Patricia Hawkins-Williams.


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