Expanding Opportunity

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray and Secretary of Education Paul Reville, two Worcester residents who have achieved important leadership positions in state government, are beneficiaries of the opportunity their families had to choose where they went to school. Today, education tax credit programs in other states are offering more families the same choice Mr. Murray and Mr. Reville enjoyed.

Mr. Murray is a graduate of St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury, which consistently sends its alumni to Ivy League colleges. Mr. Reville went to Portsmouth Abbey, an elite Rhode Island prep school that Sens. Robert and Edward Kennedy also attended.

Thanks to the controversy surrounding school voucher programs, it is such programs that command the headlines. They give public funds to parents, who then use the money at the private or religious school of their choice.

But many times more students are educated through tax credit programs, under which funds for private school scholarships come from tax credits granted to corporations and/or individuals for their donations to nonprofit organizations that award the scholarships. Families then use the money to attend the private schools of their choice.

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