Election Day success for school choice

By Krista Carney
In case you missed it, earlier this week school choice supporters saw big gains on Election Day in states across the country.
Mississippi grew an already strong school choice coalition in the legislature, with 9 seats being picked up by pro-school choice candidates. Also on Tuesday, Kentucky elected Matt Bevin for Governor, who plans to champion school choice and made it a major issue during his campaign.
We have seen time and time again, whether it be in the midterm elections or state primaries, that voters support candidates who want to offer more choices in communities and challenge the education status quo. Parents across the nation are very aware of education when they go to the polls, and they elect candidates who share in their belief that every child should be able to access a quality education.
2015 has been a successful year for school choice, with 4 states enacting their first-ever private school choice programs and 8 new programs enacted nationwide. These gains mean we could see even more growth with bigger and bolder educational choice programs in 2016 and in to the future.


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