Why Are The EducationNext’s Poll Results So Important? The Success Stories

The results are in. Another survey has found that support for educational choice continues to increase. This time around, it was Education Next’s annual poll that confirmed what advocates in states across the country already know to be true: 1. school choice is working and 2. positive public opinion of school choice is growing.
Although the poll touched on a few different aspects of K-12 education including charter schools, teacher pay, and school expenditures, our attention was drawn to two specific results on the private school choice front: support for vouchers and support for tax credit scholarships.
According to the survey, support for publicly funded scholarships, also referred to as vouchers, increased from 45% last year to 54% this year and support for tax credit scholarships increased from 55% to 57%.
Why the hoopla over mere “support”? As an advocacy organization that invests financial and human resources into grassroots efforts that help to increase awareness and build support for educational choice, we know that life-changing school choice stories begin with individuals who believe in the power of parents being able to choose.
Without this kind of support…

Stories like IvonD’liz wouldn’t be possible.

Walter would have been lost in a school that wasn’t a good fit for him.

Yisehak wouldn’t have received his blueprint to success.

A’bria’s safety would have been put in jeopardy.

Tiffany’s path may have been different, meaning one less person studying day in and out to find a cure for cancer.

The results from this poll are important because stories like these and the nearly 500,000 others like them depend on it.


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