Educational Choice Supporters Victorious in Oklahoma Runoff Elections

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the bipartisan group of candidates that support educational choice for their successes during Tuesday’s primary runoff election in Oklahoma. Tonight’s results show that families across Oklahoma will support candidates that are willing to fight for a family’s right to choose the best educational environment for their children.
The Oklahoma Federation for Children Action Fund (OFCAF) congratulates Kevin Stitt, Republican nominee for governor, for being a strong supporter of giving families options with their children’s education. Stitt has stated, “I would love to see more choice, more competition, because I think all boats rise when we get more competition in the education system,” and he is devoted to making Oklahoma rank in the top 10 states in education.
OFCAF also congratulates the following educational choice champions on their successes in today’s runoff elections:

  • HD 43 – Jay Steagall (R)
  • HD 99 – Ajay Pittman (D)
  • SD 30 – John Symcox (R)


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