Education Reform Bills Pass West Virginia Senate

Today the West Virginia Senate passed comprehensive education reform which included the establishment of charter schools, open enrollment for public schools, and Education Savings Accounts. Both bills passed 18-15 and are now heading to the House. 
Statement from John Schilling, President of the American Federation of Children:
West Virginia students are one step closer to educational freedom that will allow them to access an education that best fits their individual needs. As one of the few remaining states where students do not have educational options beyond their assigned district school, we’re proud to finally see progress for families across the state. We thank Senate President Mitch Carmichael and Senator Patricia Rucker, the Chair of the Education Committee, for putting the interests of students at the center of education policy.

  • The Education Savings Accounts provision would provide 90% of the average state per-pupil funding to an Education Savings Account controlled by most West Virginia families. Those funds can be used on K-12 educational expenses ranging from tutoring to private school tuition to special needs therapies, among other approved items.
  • The charter school provision would allow county school boards and the state board of education to authorize charter schools. And up to four charter schools could be operated by higher education institutions.
  • The open enrollment provision would allow for inter-county transfers from a district public school to another district public school.


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