Education Debate Heats Up in Tennessee

Last month in Rutherford County, Rep. Mike Sparks hosted local community members in a roundtable discussion about education issues. The discussion was broadcast live on WGNS radio from Murfreesboro, TN.
During the discussion, Gabriel Fancher made the clear points that school choice is about “freedom” and many detractors to true education reform simply didn’t trust parents for deciding what’s in the best interest of their child.
Tennessee is dominated by Republican control across nearly every county. Donald Trump won the Volunteer State with 61% of the vote in November, a two point uptick from Mitt Romney’s win in 2012. Considering how 84% of Republicans nationally support school choice, the Democrats and unions opposing education reform in the state will have an uphill battle after the most recent election cycle.
The whole debate is quite interesting and can be listened to here:


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