Documentary draws national attention toward the country’s biggest “Underdogs,” Native American children

By Kim Martinez

A ten-minute documentary released August 1, has sparked a nationwide conversation on the vast disparity in education Native American students face. America’s Underdogs: Students in Crisis is bringing to light how dire the situation is on tribal lands for children. National news and blog sites have picked up on the story including the Washington Examiner’s coverage titled, WATCH: Thanks to feds, Native Americans suffer through the worst schools in the country.

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Sen. John McCain, who participated in the documentary, visited one of the schools featured in America’s Underdogs this week. The Senator is making a big push to help Native kids who are attending poor-performing BIE schools have school choice through a bill he introduced called the Native American Education Opportunity Act (S.2711).

Click here to watch America’s Underdogs: Students in Crisis. You can also visit to find out more or get involved.


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