Champion for School Choice, Ted Cruz, Visits Tennessee

NASHVILLE, TENN. (August 11, 2015) – In case you missed it, ardent school choice supporter and Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz stopped through Tennessee yesterday. Senator Cruz has actively pushed school choice as the civil rights issue of our time, urging lawmakers across the country to help give students an opportunity and parents control, especially the neediest families with lower incomes.
As Cruz stated in February of this year, “The facts are unequivocal – school choice improves students’ test scores, keeps them in school longer, saves taxpayer dollars, provides a safer learning environment, and increases competition and quality in traditional public schools.”
We agree.
And this is why the Tennessee Federation for Children has fought so vigorously for low income children and parents to have school choice opportunities. Too many students are trapped in failing schools and organizations like the teachers unions have blocked reforms to save the status quo in every instance.
See below for a sampling of headlines about Sen. Cruz’s stance on school choice:
CNN: “Cruz: School choice is ‘most compelling civil rights issue’ of the century”

The Hill: “Cruz: School choice is new era of ‘civil rights’”

CNS News: “Sens. Cruz and Lee: Expand School Choice For Low-Income Parents”

Chron: “Cruz: School choice a gateway of opportunity for children”

National Journal: “Is School Choice the Civil-Rights Issue of the 21st Century? Ted Cruz Thinks So.”

Radio Iowa: “Ted Cruz, “passionate fan” of school choice, speaks to Iowa home schoolers”

NewsMax: “Ted Cruz: School Choice Is ‘Most Compelling Civil Rights Issue’”


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