Blog: Why a Hispanic Female Democrat decided to support a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate – School Choice

Today Catherine Miranda, a Democratic State House Representative from Arizona, wrote a piece featured in the Arizona Capitol Times describing her reasons for supporting Doug Ducey, the Republican governor candidate.

I am a female Hispanic Democrat and I am voting for Doug Ducey

For the first time in my life, I am supporting a Republican candidate for governor.
I am proud to endorse Doug Ducey.

Today, our families are faced with two major challenges – our education system is failing our students and our economic recovery has been sluggish.

Doug Ducey has a comprehensive vision to improve our education system and ensure our students are prepared for a prosperous future.

See her full editorial here:

Although she is a female Hispanic Democrat, she knows that one of the major issues her state needs to tackle is education and she knows common sense reforms and the expansion of educational choice programs is the way to do it.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Rep. Miranda’s piece truly illustrates the empowering effects of educational choice for low-income families and children across the country, including Hispanic students.

Improving our education system for every child, especially minority children who are trapped in underperforming schools, has become a major focus in midterm election races across the country including gubernatorial elections in Arizona, Florida and Wisconsin where educational choice is popular and Hispanic populations are growing in the state.