Arkansas Senate Advances School Choice Legislation

Earlier today the Arkansas Senate passed SB680 which would bring a tax credit scholarship program to the great state.

The vote passed 25 to 6 with a powerful quote from Senator Dismang: “We can sit here and pretend that we know better – that these folks behind me know better But we don’t. And they don’t. The parents do.”

Statement from John Schilling, President of the American Federation for Children:

“Senator Dismang hit the nail on the head with his statement. Parents should be in the driver seat when it comes to educating their children. Parents should also be empowered to make the best decision. Arkansas is one of the many states that are doing the right thing and putting the interest of parents and families first. There is still much more work to be done but this is a step in the right direction for students in Arkansas.”


  • SB 680 would create a $2 million tax credit program
  • Students eligible at or below 200% of poverty
  • 100% tax credit for donors
  • The bill will be in House Revenue and Tax Committee next Tuesday, April 20t