Arizonans support education funding proposal according to new poll

People want more money for schools and greater parental choice

PHOENIX (Oct. 27, 2015) —The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, released more results of a statewide poll on Arizona’s most pressing education issues. The new results show strong support for increased K-12 funding and for Governor Ducey’s land trust reform provision —  61 percent of likely voters support his plan. AZ Governor Plan Poll Results

“The poll results show there is significant support for increased funding and education reform,” said Kevin Chavous, executive council for the American Federation for Children.  “People clearly want to see schools produce better results and will support the best options to accomplish that goal.”

The poll, conducted by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, took place on Oct. 14 and 15.  Over 500 likely voters were contacted by phone and took the live survey.

Part of the education funding plan proposed by Gov. Ducey along with legislative leadership, uses increased withdrawals from Arizona’s state land trust and was supported by 6 in 10 people polled.

Poll Question:

State Trust Lands, are set aside to help fund education. When these lands are sold, the money goes into a trust fund where it is invested to gain interest. Right now, two point five percent of this interest goes to fund K through twelve education. A ballot measure is being proposed to increase the money going to education from two point five percent to ten percent for five years and then five percent for five years after that, generating over two billion dollars in new money for education over the next ten years. The total amount of money in the trust fund would still grow, just more slowly than it does now. If the election were held today, would you vote for or against this ballot measure?
61 percent – Favor
15 percent – Oppose
24 percent – Undecided/Refused to answer
Those polled also expressed that they believe more money should be used on K-12 education. More than 7 in 10 people think Arizona spends too little on education.

Poll Question:

Based on what you already know about Arizona’s public education system, would you say that it spends too much or too little per child on their public education, or just about right?
73 percent – Too little
9 percent – Too much
12 percent – Right amount
7 percent – Didn’t know/Refused to answer

Last week, American Federation for Children released initial poll results showing that 6 in 10 people support school choice and believe all kids in Arizona should have access to school choice programs.
“Overall, the message here is that Arizonans are dissatisfied with where the state is when it comes to K-12 education and they are willing to support the Governor and the legislature if it sparks the right changes that include increased funding, better performance and parental choice,” added Chavous.

Please click to read a memo from Wilson Perkin Allen Opinion Research on the new Arizona polling results.


The Arizona Federation for Children is a state affiliate of the American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice.