After Major School Choice Victory, Arizona Scholarship Recipients say, ‘Thank You’ 

Last week, school choice advocates (and those privy to the long-standing battle) experienced their very own “shot heard round the world” when the Arizona Senate and House passed SB1431, which expanded educational opportunity to every child in the state through the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program.
Because of the relentless, hard work from members of our AFC team, especially those in Arizona, every public school student in the state will be eligible to enter the ESA program, increasing the access to quality education for all students no matter their income or zip code.
In addition to members of our AFC team, many school choice advocates played an important role in the passing of such a monumental bill including Senator Debbie Lesko, who sponsored the bill, and Governor Doug Ducey, whose signature guaranteed that parents across Arizona would have the opportunity to choose the best education for their child.
For such an amazing feat, a few scholarship recipients took time to say ‘Thank you.’
For more information about Arizona’s expanded ESA program, visit:

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