American Federation for Children Statements on the 20th Anniversary of Governor Bush’s A+ Plan for Education in Florida

On June 21, 1999, Governor Jeb Bush signed into law the A+ Plan for Education. The American Federation for Children, the nation’s largest school choice advocacy organization, released the following statements: 
Statement from John Kirtley, Vice Chairman of the American Federation of Children:
20 years ago, Florida started down the path of what would become an unbelievable success story in education, especially for children in poverty. Bold reforms from Governor Bush and the legislature took Florida from the bottom of the state rankings to the top across critical measures of academic achievement. Families are empowered with educational options to meet the individual needs of their students. Schools are continually improving. The pipeline of workforce and college-ready talent coming out of K-12 schools is improving. And millions of lower-income families have been able to break the cycle of poverty thanks to accessing a better education.
Statement from Ashley Elliott, Future Leaders Fellow at the American Federation for Children: 
“A few short years into my life, a set of reforms passed in Florida that would dramatically alter my life’s trajectory. In high school, I started to struggle. I needed a new option that we didn’t think would be available to us. My family barely had the means to pay the electricity bills, let alone private school tuition. But thanks to the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, I was able to attend Victory Christian Academy and entered into an environment where I thrived academically, participated in sports, became an honors student, and did something I did not think would be possible: graduate. I am deeply thankful for having the freedom to choose the best education for my personal needs, and I thank Governor Bush and the Florida legislature for having the courage to put students like me at the front and center of education reforms.”


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