American Federation for Children Statement on Secretary DeVos’ Tenure

Statement from Bill Oberndorf, Chairman of the American Federation of Children:

“As an unyielding advocate for educational choice, Secretary DeVos’ resignation yesterday underscores that her first and foremost priority was always to put the interests of children first rather than fealty to anyone or anything else. We thank Betsy for her tireless efforts and dedication to the principles that have always guided her. She consistently and selflessly put students at the forefront of the national discussion of reforming our K-12 education system, and she fought courageously to expand opportunities for lower-income and disadvantaged families in particular. Importantly, she effectively challenged self-serving special interest groups and their defense of the status quo at a time when families need educational choice more than ever. Her lasting legacy will be that she substantially increased the momentum for K-12 educational choice expansion across our country, and for that we are deeply appreciative.

“We share our nation’s shock and sadness at the events of this past week, which we find appalling and without justification. They should serve as notice as to what can happen when ignorance and anger take hold and frustration is unleashed. At AFC, we have always believed that an educated populace is central to our democracy. Be assured we will continue to work each and every day toward the ultimate goal of our country fulfilling its promise that every child be able to realize hers or his full potential. In so doing, we hope that what we witnessed this past week never happens again.”