American Federation for Children Congratulates Sen.-Elect Cory Booker

Longtime Champion for Educational Choice Wins New Jersey Senate Race
BOSTON (Oct. 17, 2013) – The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulated Newark Mayor Cory Booker for winning last night’s special election to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. Booker is a proponent of educational choice and commonsense education reform that puts children first. In 2012, Booker spoke at the AFC National Policy Summit, where he argued forcefully in support of parents having access to educational options.
“Cory Booker’s articulate challenge to the status quo and support for parental empowerment is a welcomed addition to the U.S. Senate,” said Kevin P. Chavous, executive counsel to the American Federation for Children. “On behalf of our board at the American Federation for Children, students and parents across the nation in need of quality educational options, we congratulate Cory on his well-deserved and hard-fought win.”
As Mayor of Newark, Booker supported the New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship Act. The bill had bipartisan sponsorship in the New Jersey legislature and support from Gov. Chris Christie, who has recently discussed reintroducing the bill.
Booker has previously spoken in support of the successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provides high-quality educational options to thousands of students in the District of Columbia, and which enjoys the support of Democratic leaders such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA). Booker has also previously served as a board member of AFC’s partner organization, the Alliance for School Choice.
In his 2012 address to the American Federation for Children’s annual policy summit, Booker declared his support for educational choice and how it made a powerful impact in his own life:
“I cannot ever stand up and stand against a parent having options, because I have benefited from my parents having an option. 
“We cannot have a leading democracy if we have a lagging school system… I stand here today as a guy who does not accept that we will not be the leading nation on the globe.”
Booker defeated Republican nominee Steven M. Lonegan, a former mayor of Bogota, N.J.
The American Federation for Children is the nation’s leading school choice advocacy organization and works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families.