AFC Statement On Tax Reform

After the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed the federal tax reform bill, the American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, released the following statement.
Statement from John Schilling, Chief Operating Officer of the American Federation for Children: 
“The American Federation for Children thanks House and Senate members who supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The final bill included an expansion of 529 accounts that will give parents the freedom to use those funds for K-12 tuition. AFC has long supported the 529 expansion and this is a good step forward in providing families greater flexibility and options when it comes to their child’s education.
“We were also pleased to see that Congress retained current law on two other important issues. The bill will continue to allow religious and independent elementary and secondary schools to offer tax-free tuition to the children of teachers and other staff, which helps attract high-quality employees. Also, allowing schools to cover up to $5,250 annually in tax-free educational expenses for employees, another attraction in recruiting high-quality staff.
“Congress and the Administration can and should look for more ways to facilitate greater educational choice for families and children across the nation. All educational options should be available to families so they have the freedom to choose the best educational environment for their children. We are hopeful that Congress and the Administration will pursue bold action in 2018 and revive proposals to expand educational choice for children in low-income families, as well as children in military families and in Bureau of Indian Education schools.”


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