AFC Statement on Education Next Poll

Today, Education Next, a national journal of education policy, released their annual poll on a wide array of education issues. The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, released the following statement.
Statement from Greg Brock, Executive Director of the American Federation for Children: 
“One thing is clear from Education Next’s poll released today: despite the wording of the questions, when looking across the board at the dominant forms of educational choice options like charter schools, vouchers, and tax credit scholarships, this poll finds more support for these programs than opposition. And all private school choice options saw an uptick in support from last year, while opposition decreased.
“Most relevant to the current national discussion on tax reform is that when asked about an education tax credit scholarship under consideration by Congress and the Trump Administration, there is strong support. 55% of the public supports an education tax credit, including 52% of Black and 54% of Hispanic respondents, 66% of Republicans, and 47% of Democrats – with only 29% of Democrats opposed. These results align with AFC’s polling earlier this year that showed even broader support (72%) for a federal tax credit scholarship, as well as Gallup’s finding in April that school choice is one of the most popular proposals advanced by President Trump.
“Along with our friends at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, we agree that families are demonstrating the true support for educational choice by virtue of the 3.5 million students in publicly-supported private school choice programs and charter schools around the country. Today, millions more are demanding access to these options and they are counting on policymakers to deliver. Too many children remain trapped in schools that are failing to meet their needs. These children want and deserve access to equal opportunity in education. The most immediate path to a better education for these students is by giving their parents the power to choose the best school for their unique needs.”

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