AFC Reaffirms Commitment to School Choice Champions Following Primary Results

MADISON, WI (August 15, 2012)—The American Federation for Children—the nation’s voice for school choice—today reaffirmed its support for legislators and candidates across Wisconsin who favor expanded educational options for families, following disappointing primary results last night.

The legislative results come despite strong support from residents for school choice. A survey released last year showed that 59 percent of Milwaukee residents favored the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the nation’s longest-running private school choice program, and 71 percent of parents with school aged children support the program.

Kevin P. Chavous, a senior advisor to the American Federation for Children and a former Democratic member of the Washington, D.C. city council, said that the Federation is committed to continuing its support for those who champion parental choice, and that he hopes that the legislature will soon reflect the will of the people.

“We will continue to stand with those who show the courage to stand for children,” Chavous said. “Our commitment to fighting for legislators and candidates who support school choice is unwavering, and we look forward to the day when Milwaukee’s legislators champion the views of their constituents.”

A comprehensive evaluation of the Milwaukee voucher program earlier this year showed increased graduation rates for students enrolled in the program, as well as a higher likelihood to enroll and persist in college.

Surveys last year of residents in Racine—where a second-year voucher program is set to begin this month—and Green Bay also showed strong support for private school choice.