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AFC Launches School Choice Boyz

The American Federation for Children is pleased to announce the launch of its newest initiative, The School Choice Boyz (SCB).The School Choice Boyz is a youth-targeted project focused on bringing awareness to how education, and education freedom, lies at the root of society’s most crucial challenges. We believe that empowering all students with the ability to access the education that best fits their needs is not only the right thing to do, but also a crucial step in addressing widespread societal issues in the United States. The “School Choice Boyz” – Walter Blanks Jr. and Nathan Cunneen – are direct beneficiaries of school choice programs in Ohio and Florida, and they are committed to delivering those same opportunities to other students like themselves.As part of the American Federation for Children, the School Choice Boyz will be touring the United States to spread awareness about school choice and how crucial education is to issues of social justice, economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedom.Statement from Nathan Cunneen, Communications Associate for the American Federation for Children:“We are excited to have the School Choice Boyz as our mechanism to bring the school choice movement to the people. I’ve always had such respect for my generation, which earnestly seeks a better society for all. I’ve always been puzzled as to why education has largely been left out of the national political focus, and I am happy that the Boyz can be a voice to articulate how much education impacts our generation.” Statement from Walter Blanks, Jr, Press Secretary for the American Federation for Children:“This initiative is super exciting because we believe education is at the core of every aspect of our lives. We often see people standing up for social justice issues and often, education is left out. Education freedom is something we all should agree on and use as a tool to unite while ensuring children have access to the best educational environment that works for them. I am fired up to be in the trenches with Nathan on this project and looking forward to the conversations and change we will create.”Check out the School Choice Boyz Teaser Trailer here.


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