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AFC Congratulates Tennessee’s School Choice Winners

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates all the candidates supported by the Tennessee Federation for Children PAC during Thursday’s primary election.  The TFC PAC invested more than $300,000 in state races to support school choice proponents during the 2022 primary. The Tennessee General Assembly has passed and expanded several school choice programs in recent years, including expanding the state’s Education Savings Account program to students with dyslexia. However, opponents of education freedom have blocked implementation of these programs from every possible angle.Also notable in Thursday’s primary results was the abysmal performance of teachers union-endorsed Republican candidates. Of the ten House Republican primary candidates who received contributions from the TEA, all but one lost their races last night. Statement from John Patton, State Director, American Federation for Children-Tennessee:   “While the education establishment has fought the ability for parents to select the best education options for their children, parents made their wishes clear again at the ballot box this week. AFC-TN remains steadfast in our advocacy for families looking for a better way and I look forward to seeing what Tennessee’s school choice champions will do in the General Assembly for years to come.”Details:  The following successful candidates were supported by the Tennessee Federation for Children PAC:

  • Jack Johnson – SD 27
  • Elaine Davis – HD 18
  • Bryan Richey – HD 20
  • William Slater – HD 35
  • Michael Hale – HD 40
  • Gino Bulso – HD 61
  • Tommy Vallejos – HD 67
  • Jody Barrett – HD 69


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